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What do I do with the packaging?

You can return the ice packs and insulation to us for free with Collect +. Click here to find out how.

If returning your ice packs and insulation doesn’t work for you, here’s what to do with your packaging:


Use them again if you can. Otherwise, you can put them in your recycling bin.


We can reuse the insulation liners up to ten times, so returning them to us will make sure they have a long life. If not, you can recycle the plastic on the outside, and as the denim has already been recycled, you can put it in your general waste bin and it will break down naturally.

You could also up-cycle your packaging and use the denim in craft projects. Let us know what you do with yours.

Home compostable bags

These bags are made from natural potato starch from waste potatoes and bioplastics. You can spot them in your box quickly – they have “COMPOSTABLE” printed on them. You can put them in your home compost and they will break down after 90 days.

Ice packs

If it’s your first delivery, it’s worth keeping them because they have a way of becoming handy.

The gel in the ice pack is a water-based polymer gel, which stays frozen for longer and is safe for food. You can pierce the plastic and drain the liquid from the ice pack - it’s perfectly safe. Then you can put the plastic on the outside in your recycling bin.

Paper bags

These can all go into your recycling bin at home too.

Plastic pots

Rinse them out and put them in your recycling bin at home, or reuse them yourself.

Grip seal bags

You can recycle these at home too.